5 Types dried flower wedding bouquet

5 Dried flower wedding bouquet for your wedding

Carolyn Perlow – Dried flower wedding bouquet is the best way to add a touch of sweetness and romance to your bridal look while fully embracing the aesthetics of the moment, right?
Among the must-haves of the big day look, the wedding dress doesn’t go without its ornaments. The most traditional of these? The bridal bouquet. The trick to a successful and immortal floral arrangement? Dried flowers!

Having become a real must-have in bridal fashion as well as in interior decoration as a whole, dried flowers could not fail to inspire the designers of round bridal bouquets. Depending on your theme, your style of dress, and the season of your union, we have gathered here suggestions of varieties of plants that lend themselves particularly well to the composition of dried flower wedding bouquet.

dried flower wedding bouquet
1. Peonies for a romantic look

We all know that peonies are one of the most romantic options for the big day and one of the most popular with brides-to-be.

You too are in love with this flower but you would like to stand out from the crowd? Opt for the dried version of the famous bouquet! Even more poetic than its classic version, dried peonies will give a deliciously old-fashioned touch to your look. In the same vein, a bouquet of roses can also be considered dried!

dried flower wedding bouquet
2. Lavender for a themed wedding

If you have chosen to get married in the middle of summer, in the south of France, if you have chosen Provence as your wedding theme, if the color mauve is part of your event’s theme, then a bouquet of dried lavender will be a beautiful addition to your strapless wedding dress.

This plant lends itself particularly well to drying and you can enjoy it for several months after your beautiful event. You can accompany lavender with dried wheat sprigs, and oats, but also different varieties of Limonium.

dried flower wedding bouquet
3. Hydrangeas for a retro bouquet

You who have chosen a vintage wedding dress are most likely looking for a bouquet that is just as retro as your outfit. In this case, we propose a superb composition based on dried hydrangeas.

In total look for a rustic, romantic, and old-fashioned result, you can also mix a big ball of hydrangea with touches of color such as Craspedia, delphinium, and dried pink acrolinium, for a very cheerful ensemble.

4. Gypsophila for a bohemian look

Among the most popular wedding flowers in recent years, gypsophila consistently ranks near the top. These small, soft, white flowers are perfect for the aesthetic of a wedding reception. For a bohemian bridal bouquet, dare to use dried gypsophila, a largely self-sufficient plant that can also be accompanied by pampas grass and white Rodanthe.

dried flower wedding bouquet
5. Cotton for a winter wedding

Accompany your long sleeve wedding dress with a lovely bouquet where cotton flowers will have a place of choice. For a country bridal bouquet, stick with cotton flowers only.

For a more sophisticated bouquet, add white Limonium and dried gypsophila for a change. Cotton also works well with eucalyptus branches. In general, remember that while all plants can be dried, some species are better than others, so avoid flowers with soft stems.

The final touch to your ensemble? The wedding makeup! Whether or not you are used to this step in your daily life, take the opportunity to offer the services of a beauty professional who will create perfect wedding make-up for you.

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