5 Unique Neon Wedding Sign Ideas

5 Unique Neon Wedding Sign Ideas

Carolyn Perlow – There are lots of ways to give your alternative wedding that special touch, and a neon wedding sign is one of our favorite trends that is really taking off on Instagram right now. There are numerous ways to use them, which is why we want to give you a few ideas on where and how to include them into your wedding today.

Whether during the ceremony, the reception, or your wedding table, adding a neon sign to your wedding will give the space your own touch. If you want to add your own flair to the space, highlight the most crucial time in your life with a neon sign. One of the best ways to add flair and brightness to your wedding is with a neon wedding sign. I’ll show you some of the greatest ways to incorporate neon into your own wedding in this article! But first, let us show you how to make your neon pop and impress your guests!

neon wedding sign

More is less.
Overdoing the decor is one of the most common blunders wedding planners make when designing wedding decorations. After all, it’s your wedding, and the worst that can happen is that a neon sign that’s too bright steals the show!

By reducing the neon sign to a minimum, you will allow it to perform its job: to illuminate your wedding in an appealing and fashionable manner! The color neon is also associated with minimalism. Stick to one or two colors that are comparable in tone. Pink, crimson, and yellow are the greatest bright colors for weddings since they are connected with romance and pleasure. White is the most popular color, and it also adds flair and class to the neon sign.

Be inventive.
It’s your wedding, so go all out and express yourself! Make your neon sign in your own unique design. Be inspired by a variety of fonts – you’ll be astonished at how much of a difference fonts can make in decor. We propose cursive fonts for a sleek and fun look, or all caps fonts for a big and clear sign.

Neon Wedding Sign

1. Ceremonies
Make them a focal point of your event by framing them with flowers or a unique structure. Tell your floral designer or wedding decorator about your desire to have a neon sign at your wedding, and they will undoubtedly make it happen.

wedding neon sign
neon wedding sign

2. Wedding reception table
Unquestionably a technique to draw attention to yourself and make it clear who the stars of the night are.

neon wedding sign

3. The cake table
If you decide to have a stunning cake, you don’t want it to go ignored, therefore adding a neon sign to the cake table is a unique and simple approach to capture your guests’ attention. There are various economical solutions in internet retailers like Amazon that may be appropriate for this option.

neon wedding sign

4. Bars Without a doubt, bars and bars are where the action begins, so if you want to direct your visitors’ attention to that location to remind them how awesome they are as a couple, put up a neon sign.

neon wedding sign

5. Welcome
Adding a neon sign to your wedding reception is without a doubt the best way to add that WOW element that will turn heads as soon as your guests walk into the room. You can use the same neon sign for both your ceremony and your celebration, but if you want to save the wow factor for last, save it entirely for party time.

Do you like the concept but are unsure what to put on your sign? Don’t be concerned! There are numerous ways to create a neon sign for your unique and personalized wedding.

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