Wedding umbrella dance, 5 Things to know before you do it.

Wedding umbrella dance: more than a tradition!

Carolyn Perlow – Wedding umbrella dance is a wedding tradition that has stood the test of time. The proof is that many brides and grooms practice it to present it to their guests during the ball. Music, accessories, and good timing, here are the explanations! 

A wedding reception is made up of strong moments, impatiently awaited by the bride and groom and their loved ones. For example, the throwing of the bride’s bouquet always represents a playful animation. However, wedding games do not stop there and continue throughout the evening and especially on the dance floor. Today we invite you to discover or rediscover wedding umbrella dance, between tradition and choreography.

Wedding umbrella dance

What is wedding umbrella dance?

It is a dance reserved for the bride and groom. During the evening, they open an umbrella under which they take shelter. A song is then played in their honor, usually, a slow song or any other soft music, and the bride and groom begin a dance head to head. To promote their intimacy, their relatives throw banners on the umbrella and finally cover it with a colorful curtain isolating the couple from the rest of the crowd.

Why invite him to your party?

Wedding umbrella dance or umbrella of happiness is a particularly romantic moment for the couple. It is also an opportunity for them to meet again, to share a special moment, which is not always obvious during a wedding reception! The umbrella game (also known as the parasol game) is a ready-made activity that is extremely easy to set up and will amuse your guests. Young and old alike can participate and have fun together in this activity. It will also allow you to get original wedding pictures of your party.

Wedding Umbrella dance

What are the necessary accessories?

It is not difficult to get the necessary accessories for this dance. First of all, you will have to choose an umbrella under which to take shelter. Many brides and grooms choose a white umbrella, more romantic in their eyes, or a transparent umbrella to gain visibility and modernize this custom. The banners tend to slide, in any case, prefer a fabric surface rather than a canvas too smooth that would not allow for hanging enough decorations.

You will then need to provide streamers and other party accessories for your loved ones. Buy at least one roll per person, but make sure you have as many as you can because not every throw will be successful! You can place your streamers in a basket near the dance floor or on guests’ plates.

What music should I choose?

It is recommended to choose a relatively slow and of course romantic song to highlight this moment of complicity between the bride and groom. Most of them choose a slow song or a piece of music with a particular meaning for their couple.

For example, we suggest the beautiful classic
“What a Wonderful World” performed by Louis Armstrong,
“Stand By Me” by Ben E. King,
“I love him to death” by Francis Cabrel
or “I think of you” by Amadou and Mariam.

If you don’t know which song to choose, don’t hesitate to ask your Dj or the band you hired for the occasion.

Wedding umbrella dance

What is the right time?

We generally advise brides and grooms to wait for a moment in the evening when the mood drops slightly to launch the umbrella dance and give their guests a boost.

The Umbrella of Happiness can also be used to open the ball without dancing if you are not a great pro and you are afraid to launch into a choreography. This animation can also come at the end of the evening to mark the conclusion.

This idea of opening a wedding ball is a good way to relax the atmosphere, revive the mood, to allow your guests to interact and have a good time together. To concoct an original wedding, you will have to alternate the traditions expected by all and innovative and creative ideas. It’s up to you.

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