Carolyn Perlow – Choosing the perfect engagement ring to ask for the hand of the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with is a monumental task that will leave an indelible mark on both of your hearts.
Today, we’ll provide the details that will make your decision a breeze. The engagement ring, like a marriage vow, symbolizes an unbreakable bond between a man and a woman throughout all of eternity.

Where do engagement rings come from?

The practice of exchanging rings as a symbol of a couple’s commitment to one another may be traced back to Roman times, while the more common diamond ring has only been around since the fourteenth century. But the wedding band or alliance ring, with its polished gold band, represents continuity throughout one’s life and beyond. Traditionally, the man presents it to his girlfriend as a token of appreciation if and when she accepts his marriage proposal. To accept this ring is to formally accept the upcoming engagement.

Engagement ring
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Placement of an engagement ring on a finger

You should wear the ring on your ring finger (which according to tradition contains the vena amoris). It varies by country, history, culture, or custom as to which hand is used to carry it. For hundreds of years, however, it was believed that the vena amoris passed via the ring finger of the left hand and into the heart.

We suggest the following so that you can get started on the next stages as soon as possible:

Investigate your partner’s preferences.

Even if she doesn’t typically wear jewelry, you should still ask her about her preferences in terms of style and details like finger size and preferred shade of gold to ensure that the ring you propose to her is the right fit.

Set a spending limit

Even though the emotion behind an engagement ring is what matters most, the band itself should reflect the significance of the commitment it symbolizes to you and your future spouse. The cost of an engagement ring shouldn’t be more than two months’ pay, according to many professionals, but we’re firm believers that an unforgettable detail when there’s love is always created from the heart. You’ll only make this promise to the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with. What I mean is, it’s okay if something good comes from you.

Engagement Ring
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Plan ahead

It’s crucial to look for possibilities and prepare it in advance so that you may have it ready when you plan the special day, especially if you’re looking for personalized options, since jewelry stores require one to two days to have the item available in size, gold color, type of precious stone, karat, etc. At Castro Jewelry, we’ll have it to your door in little more than two days.

Inquire about proof of origin

If you’ve decided on a diamond or other valuable stone for your future spouse’s engagement ring, it’s important to make sure you have a certificate of authenticity to ensure the stone’s legitimacy and ward off any imposters. The staff at Jewelry Castro can issue this certificate without any fuss.

Make sure the ring you give your significant other is perfect.

There are a few options to think about here, so it’s helpful to have a friend along for the inquiry process to help you dig further. Here are some things to think about while selecting an engagement ring for your special someone:

1. Material and color preference:

Silver and various gold tones (yellow, rose, and white) are all viable options for the ring’s metal.

Although diamonds are the quintessential choice for an engagement ring, many couples choose zircons or other less expensive stones because they can always be traded in for a diamond at a later date.

2. Type of Ring:

While the traditional solitaire ring has evolved with the times, modern brides can choose from a plethora of styles, including those with multiple stones, intricate designs, and even a cross. Since this decision will hold such meaningful and sentimental weight for the bride, you must give it careful consideration.

3. Personalization:

Rings that have been customized are even more unique and special, whether you came up with the design yourself or discovered it online. To stand out from the crowd, many modern couples prefer to have a special message or statement engraved on the inside of their rings. At Castro Jewelry, we can make any design or concept a reality.

Take the time to maintain things every so often.

Jewels may last for a very long time, but they eventually lose their luster, get scratched up, shrink in size, or get broken. Keep them in tip-top shape by doing routine maintenance. In a flash, Jewelry Castro can make adjustments to the size, add or remove stones, engrave, and clean your jewelry.

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