Tangled themed wedding, 1 from 5 ideas for your wedding

5 Ideas for your themed wedding

A wedding is one of the most special moments in a person’s life and it must be unique and original. A wedding that everyone will remember and where they can have fun is ideal, but many times all weddings look alike and can become repetitive. Do you want to stand out? Dare to celebrate a themed wedding! 

The choice of the theme is very important, it has to be a theme with which the bride and groom identify or that mean something to them. The place where you celebrate the wedding is also key, it will help to reinforce the theme! For example, if you are having a Little Mermaid-themed wedding, a beach-themed wedding would be great. 


Remember that the decoration and ambiance of the party should match. If you are having a Marvel-themed wedding, you can include details that represent the superheroes in the decorations. The most important factor in themed weddings is fun! If you want a circus-inspired wedding, why not celebrate it in an amusement park? It’s guaranteed fun for young and old alike.

Remember that no matter what theme you choose, it has to reflect your tastes and personality.  Need some ideas for inspiration? Take note of these 5 ideas, they are unique and very original! 

Tangled Themed Wedding 

Tangled is a Disney animated film that tells the story of Flynn (Eugene) and Rapunzel. The latter has magical hair that glows and has magical abilities, but not only is Rapunzel’s hair magical but so is her love story with Flynn! If you love Disney, you’re going to love a Tangled-themed wedding. Plus, if your significant other misbehaves, it’s the perfect excuse to break out the frying pan. 

Tangled Themed wedding

Up (Disney) Themed Wedding

Up is a 2009 Disney movie that tells a touching story of friendship. The main character, Carl, thinks he never got to fulfill his dream of adventures with his wife Ellie. But in the process, he realizes that it is not true.

The soundtrack of the animated film is dreamy and beautiful, you can add it to your special day, and it will be unforgettable! Would you like a sentimental and exciting wedding that reflects the adventure you are embarking on? Incorporate details of Up and surprise your guests!

Themed Wedding
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Harry Potter Themed Wedding

The popular saga of books and movies is very present in themed weddings, from a Hogwarts-style decoration to details such as giving wands to guests. If you want a magical and charming celebration, this is your theme. And you know, Muggles are not allowed at the event! 


Game of Thrones Themed Wedding

Game of Thrones is a book saga and television series set in medieval times that has captivated many people. The series, 2014, became the most watched series in television history and draws attention to the multiple plot lines it features. Which is your favorite character? 

Video Games Themed Wedding

Are you a fan of video games? The first arcade machines emerged in the 1970s and the 1980s they became popular with games like Pac-Man. Today, the popularity of video games is undeniable. Go for a video game-inspired wedding! 

Did you like these 5 inspirational ideas for a themed wedding? Innovate your wedding and create a unique and original memory that no one will ever forget!

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